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Welcome to - the fantasy soccer game. This tutorial will illustrate about how to play this online Soccer game.

Step 1

After logging into your account, you can view the amount of cash and the number credits in your account. You can use credits to purchase players. Team cash is the total asset of your team. If you win a match you will be awarded with team cash and for every loss your team cash will be deducted. After achieving a definite amount of team cash you can exchange your team cash for credits to buy better players or train your players to make them perform better. Manager of the month is the person who has highest team cash. So manage your team cash well, exchange enough for credits.

First step in building your team is buying players. This is under transfers section. In order to be able to play, you should have exactly 16 players. You can see four sub-menus under transfers , viz Sell players, Buy attacker, Buy midfielder, Buy defender and Buy goal keeper.

Sell player is used to sell your players, but remember; when you sell players you will loss 10% of their original worth. i.e., if a particular player has 100 credit values, when you sell, you will get back only 90 credits.

Buying attacker option allows you to buy attackers for your team. You will get a list of attackers and their skill levels try to choose good skilled players for better result.

Similarly you can buy midfielder by going to buy midfielder section and purchase defenders going to buy defender section. Remember to buy at least one goal keeper, you can do this using buy goalkeeper option.

You should buy 16 players with your credits to be able to challenge another gamer online. So spend credits wisely.




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